Add a dash of drama to your room's decor with real zebra rugs, cowhide rugs, or animal hide rugs.

Look here for excellent selection of quality zebra skin rugs, cowhide rugs, and animal hides to help you create your own special decor. Any of these cowhides or zebra rugs will accent your decor with that exotic, natural look.

Zebra Rugs and African hides

Are you looking for real animal hide rugs like zebra rugs or other African animal hides, such as springbok hides? Here's a sample of what we have for you:

The zebra skins we have available come from the plentiful plains zebra and are divided into different categories based on the quality of the hide. See the zebra hides that are available.

The African animal skins we have available come from officially culled herds. See our springbok hides and other hides that may be available.

Cowhide Rugs

Our cowhides come from fine tanneries in Brazil, which means the product you get is soft and supple. You can get stenciled cowhide rugs that are processed to look like African animal skins. Or, if you prefer, you may also order from our selection of natural cowhides.

Find stenciled cowhides in zebra, tiger, giraffe, and other patterns. See the stenciled cowhide selection that is available.

Want that natural look in the cowhide you get? Our selection includes white cowhides, holstein, brindle, brown, and hereford. Check our natural cowhide selection now and pick one that is just right for you.

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