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Singer 4166 Review

Singer 4166 Review

The Small But Powerful Singer 4166

If you are in the market for a new sewing machine, the Singer 4166 Electronic Sewing Machine is a machine you should really consider purchasing. This electronic sewing machine has a good deal of power for a machine that comes in a small package. It is about three-quarters of the size of a standard electronic sewing machine, and has the power to boot.

Singer 4166

It weighs just under thirteen pounds and has all of the features of a full size, heavy, and every expensive electronic sewing machine. It’s features include sixty-six built-in stitch pattern options, five different styles of one-step buttonholes, it has the features to do quilting, and much more. It has a very bright LED light, and a drop feed.

The Singer 4166 can lower the feed dogs for free-motion embroidery, it can machine embroide, does monograms and attaches buttons. The Singer 4166 also has an auto pilot feautre, which then can allow sewing without the need to use the foot peddle. Lastly, the Singer 4166 has an automatic needle threader and top drop in bobbin, with easy ability to thread the machine.

Yes, so many feature come on this machine, so you should read further on here to see what else it can do, as well as read some actual reviews from customers who have not only purchased this powerful electronic sewing machine, but who use it again and again. Read on.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

If you are in the market for a smaller machine, the Singer 4166 is the machine that will fit your needs. Let’s face it, a sewing machine is going to be a large investment and an important one as well. Perhaps you’re just starting out in the sewing hobby world. Or, perhaps you’ve sewn for a while and are looking for a smaller machine because you sewing space is being downsized.

Whatever the reason, looking into the products that are available out there and making an informed decision is goint to allow you to buy a sewing machines that will meet your needs and expectations. Plus, reviewing what is availabe first is goig to save you hours of frustration in the long run. Sewing is a fun hobby when the machine works with you which will then allow to create anything you want.

The Singer 4166 is going to accomplish of of what you are looking for: affordibility, size, and power. You may want to downsize the area you are sewing in, and this machine is so compact, you can still get the same jobs accomplished with a bigger machine, but in a smaller package. It’s affordable for any budget, and it has power just like the big, bulky, and expensive electronic machines. The Singer 4166 is a product you should absolutely consider purchasing.


The pros of using this small, but powerful electronic sewing machine are, as stated before, size and price. Plus, the Singer brand is a renowned brand in the sewing world. Known for their quality and attention to detail, this brand name is a household name to those that don not even sew. You know when you purchase a Singer product that you are purchasing a quality product. Here are some other reasons to purchase the Singer 4166:

  • Threading Type Is Automatic
  • Bobbin type: Top-loading
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Sixty-six Built-In Stitch Patterns: Five styles of One-Step buttonholes, will do quilting and heirloom stitches.
  • Auto Pilot: Allows sewing without the foot peddle

Customer Reviews

Some actual customers have reviewed this machine. Read what they have to say.

“I bought this machine a few months ago to upgrade from a cheapy machine from Walmart. It has made sewing so much easier for me. Its so much easier to thread the needle and wind the bobbin. I love not having to use a presser foot. I’m a novice sewer and the machine alone has made my sewing so much better. I love this machine so far.” From

Looking at the other reviews makes me wonder if the machine I got is a fluke?

“I sew for a living, and I have put this poor machine through the ringer. It’s not meant to do what I ask of it – sew for hours on end. I find that if I break it down and blow it out daily, and give it some oil every month or so, it does everything I ask of it. After a year, I had to take it in to repair a timing issue that was my own fault. I wasn’t being conscientiousness about maintaining it, and when it started jamming, I tried to force it. Having to have it fixed was completely my fault. It’s 2012 now, and I’m still sewing daily for craft shows and etsy on this baby. I make blankets, quilts, pet toys, bags, clothes… you name it. My Singer 4166 is still banging away happily, so long as I look after it properly. It has outlived and outperformed all expectations.” From

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

So, you’ve read a couple of reviews, know what this machine can do. The question is now simple: Why not buy this amazing little machine? If you sew for a living, or sew as a hobby, this is a machine that will last you. This machine has so much to offer for so little a price. If you travel places to sew, then this machine will be a helpful tool.

Weighing in at just under thirteen pounds, that will make this machine light and easy to trasport to and from other facilities. Volunteer your time at a senior cener and bring the machine along with you. Or, bring it into church to sew the Christmas pagent costumes while chatting along with friends.

Whatever the reason you sew, whatever the amount of time you sew, then you really need to consider purchasing this powerful and mighty machine. You will not be disappointed, and neither will the people for who you create you pieces for.

Brother XL2610 Review

Brother XL2610 Review

What is the Brother XL2610?

The Brother XL2610 is a handy sewing machine that is loaded with features and is ready to meet all of your sewing needs. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, this versatile machine will handle all your projects. This machine has 59 stitch functions and 25 built in stitches to meet the specific needs of your projects.

Brother XL2610It features an automatic buttonholer, perfect for those pesky shirts, and free-arm sewing which helps out with shirt sleeves and pant legs. One unique and fun feature of the brother XL2610 is the color; pink! It’s small, portable, fun and affordable! It offers everything you could ever want in a sewing machine.

Here’s what it’ll do for you

With so many features and functions the Brother XL2610 is sure to be the best pick no matter the sewing project. Whether you are mending a tear, sewing a dress from scratch or starting a new craft project, the Brother XL2610 is bound to have exactly what you are looking for. To help with a wide range of projects, the built in stitches include quilting stitches, decorative-sewing stitches, and garment construction stitches.

If you are quilting the included snap on presser feet will be helpful. Other feet include; buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, narrow hem foot, and a blind stitch foot. All feet for the machine come with Brother’s quick change design so you can quickly and easily switch from one project to another. Other accessories will help with zipper insertion, buttonholes and darning. To make sewing hems simpler the unit also comes with a blind-hem stitch.

The free arm feature allows easy access to shirt sleeves and pant legs and then easily converts back to the flat bed feature for larger items. The unit features a drop in bobbin system. This allows you to see the remaining bobbin thread and makes it super simple to thread. For quick and easy reference there are bobbin and needle threading diagrams etched right into the machine so there is no need to turn your eyes to your instruction book to get a bobbin threaded every time.

Since threading a needle or bobbin can often be the hardest part of sewing, this is a great feature for beginners who are having a tough time. Compared to other, similar products, this product has no problem with thick materials such as heavy canvas or jean. It can handle jobs other machines won’t.

The unit also features a pattern selection dial and a revolutionary automatic needle-threading system. With so many great functions it’s hard to believe there could be more options but some additional accessories include; a screwdriver, 3 bobbins, a needle pack and twin needle, extra spool pin, and a darning plate.Brother XL2610 Review

The dimensions and weight of machine make it easy to transport to sewing classes or clubs, or simply move from one room of the house to another. The sewing machine measures 15-2/5 by 6-2/3 by 11-2/5 inches.

Besides having so many wonderful features, the brother XL2610 is also simple to use. It comes with an instruction book that is clear and easy to understand and can help you even if you are a novice sewer beginning your first project. While it is perfect for beginners, if you are an experienced sewer looking for more options there are many available. For the experienced sewer, some optional accessories available for the brother XL2610 are; ¼ inch Piercing Foot Guide, ¼ inch Quilting Foot, 5 mm Narrow Hem Foot, a 5mm Open Toe Foot and many more.

Though these do not come with the machine each of these items offer their own unique feature and are perfect for the brother XL2610. They are compatible and can be purchased for your machine. You can also purchase Top Load Bobbins, for consistent bobbin thread winding. These additional accessories will help you get the most out of your machine.


  • Built-in light to light up your sewing area
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Lightweight and portable (11 lbs)
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Built-in stitch length and width control
  • Easy to use, perfect for teens or beginners
  • Adjustable dial control for thread tension
  • Quick set, drop-in bobbin
  • Needle-plate cover
  • Accessory storage
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Comes with power cord
  • Handles heavy materials
  • Includes many additional accessories

Customer Reviews

“I love my new sewing machine! My husband, who had never sewn with a machine before, set it up quickly and we both can use it easily. It’s so easy to use I am planning several more sewing projects for this summer… I would recommend this machine for anyone looking for the basics plus the capability for more advanced sewing down the road.” From

“I have never sewn anything in my life and was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to thread it or thread a bobbin but I was able to follow the instructions on the machine and do it with no problems… I made a valance for my son’s room the first weekend and I am hooked on sewing!” From

Here’s what I want you to do next

Whether you are an experienced sewer or just a beginner learning the ropes, this machine could be the sewing machine for you. Each feature contributes to its functionality and with so many features you will see why so many people choose this machine. It is perfect for all types of products, from elaborate Halloween costumes to simple mending projects.

Its features and functions will guide you and assist you. You can find it in craft stores, craft websites and many other stores. Go out and get the brother XL2610 and find out exactly why so many people love it and trust it for all their sewing needs.