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Add a dash of drama to your room's decor with real zebra rugs, animal skin rugs, cowhide rugs, or animal print rugs.

We offer an excellent selection of quality animal print rugs, animal skin and zebra skin rugs, and cowhide rugs to help you create your own special decor. Animal skin rugs or textile animal print rugs will accent your decor with that exotic, natural look. No extra charge for standard ground shipping.

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rug are increasingly popular. Browse our stenciled cowhide rugs to see these beautiful patterns and more:

Zebra Rugs, Animal Skin Rugs

Are you looking for real animal hide rugs like zebra rugs or springbok hides? Here's a sample of what we have for you:

Animal Print Rugs

Bring the dramatic scenes of nature into your home with any of our animal print rugs.
We have a wide selection of animal print rugs. These textile area rugs are printed with designs of zebra rugs, tiger rugs, wolf rugs, birds, African decor, Egyptian decor, and more.

Looking for specific animal print rugs, like zebra rugs, or tiger rugs? Check these collections of animal print rugs to find what you want:

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Zebra Skin Rug, Grade A
Only $2,400.00

Natural White Cowhide
Only $450.00

Black Zebra Cowhide
Only $420.00

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Because of differences in monitor color calibration, the colors shown on this website may not be an exact representation of the true animal rug colors.
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