Zebra Skin Rug, Trophy Room Grade


The Trophy Room grade is as close to unflawed as you get. No zebra hides are without marks but our Trophy Room Grade rugs are nearly perfect. This grade is popular with interior designers, or customers who are looking for the absolute best quality zebra rug possible. The hides have mane, tail, head, eyes, and ears but we cut off the nostrils and lips if we put felt backing on them. Hides without felt may or may not have the nostrils and lips.

Our Trophy Room Grade Zebra Rugs are common Burchells Zebra. Unlike the Hartmanns, and other Mountain Zebra, Burchells Zebra are quite prolific and are not an endangered species. The Zebra hides are from Southern African Government sponsored culls, with the purpose of maintaining the herds and preventing over-population. These Zebra skin rugs are imported legally and inspected by US Customs and US Department of Fish and Wildlife. These zebra skins are prepared by skilled craftsman in South Africa, and will last a lifetime with proper care.

When using the zebra hides as a rug we highly recommended choosing the felt backing option. The backing will help keep the rug lying flat. Without a backing the edges of the rug may tend to curl up.

Please allow 3 weeks for felting as the seamtress sometimes has a backlog of orders to work on.

The size may vary but an average size Zebra rug is approximately 8 feet from nose to end of back leg and 5 1/2 feet at widest point.

Most zebra skins have some blemishes since they are from animals that lived outside. The zebra rugs are not manufactured pieces free from imperfections. Just about all hides have "defects" such as minor color variations or areas where the fur is thinner in spots. However these marks make the animal unique.

The background colors of these rugs vary from a white to a cream or beige. If you have a preference please specify what your preference is in the comments section on the order form. This allows us to try to match the hide more closely to what you want.

We are usually able to ship zebra rug orders from our distribution center within 2-3 business days. Hides with the felt backing will take an additional week, or so, as the backing is meticulously sewn onto the hide when the order is received. Delivery may take up to a week to arrive at your home (depending on your location).

Remember, standard shipping charges are included in the price you see!

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Item Number: TR_R-ZTG

Price: $2,800.00



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Natural White Cowhide
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