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Looking for specific animal print rugs, like zebra rugs, or tiger rugs? Check these collections of animal print rugs to find what you want:

Zebra Print

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Bold and quite beautiful, a zebra print rug adds a certain panache to any room. Whether it�s your game room, library or family room, bring the warmth and natural beauty of the wild into your home. At, you�ll discover a world of possibilities for a zebra print rug or throw. Various tones, sizes and looks make them a smart-looking accent. Which zebra print suits your tastes? Baby zebra cowhide, black-and-white zebra, jungle canvas or actual zebra skin? The choice is yours at Animals on Rugs.

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Floor Rugs

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Who wants a boring floor rug in the house? Not you, right? Add dramatic flare with the incredible selection from Animals on Rugs. Now you can bring the beauty and vitality of nature into your home by purchasing a floor rug with animal prints. Picture a trophy room quality zebra rug or natural blue wildebeest hide for your den or library floor rugs. That�s no ordinary floor rug. Suddenly your room comes alive with powerful textures and magnificent scenes. Talk about a conversation piece!

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Throw Rugs

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Forget the ordinary. Get throw rugs with some real pizzazz. At Animals on Rugs an exciting collection of animal print throw rugs capture wild animals in scenic moments. Choose yours and let the natural beauty of the throw rug add inspiration to any room. Match them with our animal print rugs. You�ll find them all�big cat prints, African and Egyptian d�cor, zebra throws and so many others. Soothe the animal within�buy a stunning throw rug from Animals on Rugs today.

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Zebra Skin Rug, Grade A
Only $2,400.00

Natural White Cowhide
Only $450.00

Black Zebra Cowhide
Only $420.00

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