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Cowhide and Animal Hide Cleaning Instructions

The animal hide rugs (cowhide, zebra, etc) will last a long time. Keep the dust and dirt off of them by vacuuming and shaking them out regularly.

How do you remove odors from a hide?
What would be best to get the smell out of the hide would to lay it outside in the sun for a day or two. It is most likley a musty smell and it will be good to air it out. General cleaning would be to use a dry powder or foam carpet cleaner and vacuum it up. Spot clean with water and soap. Do not get the hide completely wet.

What if the hide is stiff, or wrinkled?
If a hide is stiff, and very wrinkled, it may take several weeks to get creases out. Hang it outside on a warm day. Sometimes you can use a commercial steamer like one that would be used on suits, etc., but you don't want to over heat or over steam the hide as this will damage the hide. The safest way is to hang it in a warm place and give it time.

What if the hide gets wet?
If hides get slightly wet the moisture should be removed as quickly as possible and the hide allowed to dry. It should retain its original shape and flexibility. Fully saturated rugs will be damaged, and will need to be professionally treated to be returned to their original condition. Spots can be removed with a spot cleaner. Dry cleaning type spot cleaners work best. All in all, hides are natural, and will repel liquids and dirt to a certain extent naturally.

Care and cleaning is very simple.
  1. Stain Or General Dirt
  2. * Dampen the hide, do not soak it.
    * If it is soaked, when it dries it will become wavy and lose its shape.
    * At the tannery it is stretched over a board and tumbled to soften, so anytime it is drenched it eliminates this process.
  3. Wine Et Cetera
  4. * Use a dry foam carpet cleaner.
    * Vacuum.
  5. Urine
  6. * Lift with moisture and use a neutralizer to eliminate the odor.

Textile Animal Print Rug Cleaning Instructions

Regular vacuuming will help rugs retain their beauty and will extend the life of the rug.

You should clean spills immediately with the following method:
  • blot with a clean cloth,
  • spot clean with a solution of clear dish washing detergent (non-bleach) and water,
  • rinse with water, and blot dry.
Professional carpet cleaning is recommended using the hot water extraction method. You should not dry clean your rugs and you should not use bleach.


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