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Don't limit yourself to thinking just about a zebra rug or tiger rug. Create a stunning accent to your decor with one of these African animal skins. Any of these hides may be used as rugs, throws, or wall hangings. You can also use these hides for upholstery, pillows, or any number of other things! Check out our wide variety of springbok (springbuck) animal skins!

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Springbok Hide, Natural
Size: 24 in. w by 34 in. l
Item No. TR_R1-SF
2.   Springbok Hide, Tiger Print
tiger print rug, springbok skin
Size: ~ 24 in. w by 34 in. l

Item No. TR_R1-SFST
3.   Springbok Hide, Leopard Print
leopard print, springbok skin
Size: ~ 24 in. w by 34 in. l

Item No. TR_R1-SFSL
4.   Springbok Hide, Giraffe print
Size: 24 in. x 34 in.
Item No. TR_R1-SFSG
5.   Impala Hide
Size: 30 in. w by 40 in. l
Item No. TR_R1-IF
All prices in US Dollars

These items are not from any endangered animals and are provided to you under our Animal Management Guidelines.

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Zebra Skin Rug, Grade A
Only $2,400.00

Natural White Cowhide
Only $450.00

Black Zebra Cowhide
Only $420.00

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Because of differences in monitor color calibration, the colors shown on this website may not be an exact representation of the true animal rug colors.
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